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Extinction (2015)


I’m kinda surprised that the stars of Lost haven’t had as much success as I expected since that show came to its pitiful end. After Evangeline Lily, Matthew Fox is actually probably the second busiest Lost alum, but his films haven’t been very noteworthy thus far.

Throw Extinction, a post-apocalyptic zombie horror, to that list. Based on a Spanish novel, the film follows a typical arc — virus turns people into zombies — though its central focus is on the relationship between two dudes and one of their daughters.

Fox is one of those dudes, and the other is fellow TV star Jeffrey Donovan from Burn Notice. The film begins at a frantic pace with the two men on a bus. Something tragic happens in the intro and we flash forward to years later, when everything has changed.

A shocking development gets the plot moving  as two men together are forced to face the past while they fight for a future.

I make it sound pretty intriguing, though Extinction is in reality quite a slow and uneventful movie for the majority of its 110-minute running time — which is about 20 minutes too long.

There is not much action after the opening sequence until the extended climax at the end, and in between most of the tension stems from the relationship between the two male protagonists and a young girl. However, neither character is well-developed, and while more is revealed about their past, eventually there are still many lingering questions that are only vaguely resolved or not at all.

These factors culminate in an underwhelming experience. It felt like the premise and the dynamics had a lot of potential to become something special — or at least different — but the progression of the narrative turned out bland and the melodrama came across as hollow.

2.5 stars out of 5