Unnatural (2015)


Unnatural is a horror film so unnaturally bad that it’s natural to laugh at it.

The premise is this: a genetically modified polar bear escapes from the lab and goes on a bone-crunching, flesh-tearing rampage against a bunch of deserving people in the Arctic.

The cast is better than you’d think as it features some recognisable names who might be in need of a paycheck: Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks), Ray Wise (also Twin Peaks and the original Robocop), James Remar (Dexter’s dad in Dexter) and Graham Greene (the guy who played every American Indian character in the 80s and 90s).

The problem with these fairly good, professional actors is that they appear to be taking the project more seriously than everyone else (out of habit, probably) — in particular some douchebags and a few scantily clad models — who are all hilariously bad and ironically more aware that they are in a horrible film.

There’s not much plot to speak of and all the film can muster is some typical B-grade laughs and not a lot of tension. The crux of the problem is the monster itself, which is created with 80s-level practical effects. You don’t get many good shots of the bear, and the ones that you do get look like a dude crawling around in a furry suit with a taxidermied polar bear head helmet.

To be fair, the film understands its limitations (after all, it was made on a US$3 million budget and had to be shot in the ice) and is perhaps trying to embrace its fate as a cheesy straight-to-DVD monster flick for people looking for a light and forgettable experience. The bar has been set low, so if you don’t expect anything — and that includes a decent story, action, characters, dialogue, acting, special effects and genuine scares — you won’t be left wanting.

1.75 stars out of 5

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