Bloodsucking Bastards (2015)


If I had to sum up Bloodsucking Bastards in one sentence I’d call it Office Space meets Shaun of the Dead, except with vampires.

As the title connotes, this is not a serious film by any stretch of the imagination. This low-budget horror-comedy is set almost entirely in a phone sales office full of slackers. The exception is Evan (Fran Kranz from Cabin in the Woods), who is coming off a bad office romance with Amanda (Emma Fitzpatrick) and expecting a promotion. Everything changes with the arrival of a new manager, Max (otherwise known as Oberyn from Game of Thrones, Pedro Pascal), and soon the bloody mayhem begins.

There are horror concepts and elements in the film, though I think it would be more accurate to describe it as a pure comedy. It’s not scary at all, and any opportunities for horror are turned into gags instead.

The humour is particular — it’s very laid back, satirical and tongue-in-cheek; calling it a mix of Office Space and Shaun of the Dead is apt. However, Bloodsucking Bastards is nowhere near as witty, creative or funny as either of those films. It’s also a lot more hit and miss, though I admit there were a few gags here that there that elicited a laugh or two. Depending on your style of humour and your mood, the film could either breeze past the six-laugh test for a good comedy or never get off the ground at all.

It’s a cheap film, and it’s easy to tell that when you watch it. Still, Bloodsucking Bastards is harmless enough as a decent DVD rental or VOD purchase when there’s not much else on offer. If you consider how many appalling horror-comedies that get cinematic releases every year, this one doesn’t seem so bad.

2.75 stars out of 5

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